Episode 16 – Thor: Ragnarok (ft. Casey Causley


The God of Thunder is back, and for the first time – he’s actually bringing the literal thunder. Since this special installment in the franchise brings in a major player from the MCU – we decided to bring in our own special guest: Casey Causley! We get into the third Thor movie, what we loved, and what we kind of thought was okay, as well as who is the hottest character, what Hogwarts house everyone would get sorted into, and so much more! Listen to the episode below or through your favorite podcast player via iTunes by searching “Marvel-Less Marian”.

Find Casey on Twitter @bestcasenario and on her  YouTube channel: ‘Is This Good Content’.


BONUS EPISODE – ‘Captain America: Civil War’ Trailer Breakdown!

civil war

By this time you’ve probably already seen the trailer for Captain America: Civil War, but you haven’t heard Myke and Marian’s thoughts yet. We break down the trailer shot by shot and pontificate about what we’ll be seeing in Avengers 2.5. Is Marian excited? Is she lying? Find out in this quick recap.

Let us know what you think about the trailer! Hit us up in the comments, or tweet at us.. #CaptainFalcon.

Listen to the episode below, or on your favorite podcasting app (through iTunes) by searching Marvel-less Marian.