Episode 16 – Thor: Ragnarok (ft. Casey Causley


The God of Thunder is back, and for the first time – he’s actually bringing the literal thunder. Since this special installment in the franchise brings in a major player from the MCU – we decided to bring in our own special guest: Casey Causley! We get into the third Thor movie, what we loved, and what we kind of thought was okay, as well as who is the hottest character, what Hogwarts house everyone would get sorted into, and so much more! Listen to the episode below or through your favorite podcast player via iTunes by searching “Marvel-Less Marian”.

Find Casey on Twitter @bestcasenario and on her  YouTube channel: ‘Is This Good Content’.


Episode 13 – Captain America: Civil War

Civl War

Now back to our regular scheduled programming. We don’t have to tell you that Civil War has just been released upon the world – according to box office stats, you’ve found out. Maybe twice already. People have been ranting and raving about the film, but none of those people are Marvel (now full) Marian! We talk about the epic fued between our Avengers in a a completely SPOILER FILLED way.

Find out what teams each of the Marvel-less Marian hosts are on? (Spoiler alert, it’s the same one). Listen to the episode here, or subscribe to the show on your smart phone via your favorite podcast app by searching “Marvel-less Marian”.

P.S. this episode was mainly edited by Patrick! Like some of the heroes in this movie, he’s growing up!

Episode 6 – The Avengers

The Avengers

This may very well be the most crucial episode of the podcast. The only reason why Marian would have ANY sort of stake in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is because Joss Whedon is in charge of two of the biggest movies in the studio’s multi-title franchise and this is his first entry. Marian is a BIG fan of Joss – from Buffy to Serenity with every Cabin in every Wood in between – The Avengers is basically one of the few major projects that she hasn’t seen by him. So, if she doesn’t like this one – all is lost.

Listen to the episode below to see if this was all for nothing. You can also download the episode on your favorite podcasting app via iTunes if you search for ‘Marvel-less Marian’. What do you guys think about the Avengers? Do you agree with our reviews in this episode? Feel free to hit us up in the comments!

Episode 5 – Captain America: The First Avenger

Captain America TFAThis week on the podcast Myke and Patrick are introducing Marian to the last Avenger she’ll have to meet, who was ironically the first. That’s right, Marian is meeting the Captain for the first time. Predictably, she’s pretty sure that Marvel’s boy scout is going to bore her (but weren’t we all before this movie came out?!), but she’s no stranger to director Joe Johnston’s other work AND she’s seen the pilot to Agent Carter so maybe there’s some hope?!

Listen in as we watch Captain America: The First Avenger with Marian for her first time and see if the movie convinced her to be ready for next week’s BIG episode THE AVENGERS.

Listen to the episode here, or subscribe to us on your favorite podcasting app via iTunes under ‘Marvel-less Marian’ so you can download the episode! Let us know what you think in the comments below!