Episode 18 – Avengers: Infinity War

Avengers Infinity War

Dread it. Run From it. Destiny still arrives. That moment is here. Thanos has come, and the fate of Marvel-less Marian lies in the balance. Missy Ladiona joins us for the Marvel event of our lives. Infinity War is upon us, and Marian has been so excited — to see if Tony Stark dies. In what’s going to be probably one of a few ‘Infinity War’ episodes, we break down the third, charmed, Avengers installment. It’s a mega-sized episode, full of spoilers. Find out how confused Missy was, whether we’d smash or pass Thanos, and was this movie good enough to make Marian cry.


Episode 6 – The Avengers

The Avengers

This may very well be the most crucial episode of the podcast. The only reason why Marian would have ANY sort of stake in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is because Joss Whedon is in charge of two of the biggest movies in the studio’s multi-title franchise and this is his first entry. Marian is a BIG fan of Joss – from Buffy to Serenity¬†with every Cabin in every Wood in between –¬†The Avengers is basically one of the few major projects that she hasn’t seen by him. So, if she doesn’t like this one – all is lost.

Listen to the episode below to see if this was all for nothing. You can also download the episode on your favorite podcasting app via iTunes if you search for ‘Marvel-less Marian’. What do you guys think about the Avengers? Do you agree with our reviews in this episode? Feel free to hit us up in the comments!