Episode 11 – Avengers: Age of Ultron (ft. Derek Vigeant)

age of ultron

His time has finally come. This week marks the first time all three members of our podcast venture into a Marvel movie for their first times. Yes, it’s finally here. Avengers: Age of Ultron. For the second big MCU crossover event, Marvel-less Marian needed to have a crossover event of our own so we brought on Derek VigeantMyke’s co-host of The Geekdom Fancast!

Together we discuss Ultron’s arrival in the MCU. According to the box office numbers many of you have watched this one already – which is good because this episode is SPOILER HEAVY. We talk about every bit of this one, so avoid at all costs until you see the movie! As always you can listen to the episode below, or through iTunes on your favorite podcast app by searching EITHER ‘Marvel-less Marian’ or ‘The Geekdom Fancast’! Let us know if you agree with our thoughts!


Episode 10 – Guardians of the Galaxy


DISCLAIMER: We recorded this episode weeks ago and a lot of news has come out since then. James Gunn literally started throwing out all the news about Nebula and the sequel details the day after we recorded this episode.

Marian’s journey through the MCU has come full circle. This is the first Marvel movie she’s ever seen, and now it’s the last one until the world sees Age of Ultron. According to the numbers that this movie did, everyone in the world has seen this movie and now Marian sees it again with her freshly trained Marvel eyes.

How will it hold up for her compared to all the other Marvel flicks? Will she like it the second (or third) time around? Will the scenes with the Collector and Thanos mean something to her at this point? Find out by listening to our “review” (read: love fest) of Guardians of the Galaxy!

Listen to the episode below, or find us on your podcast app by searching ‘Marvel-less Marian’ and download the episode there!

Episode 9 – Captain America: The Winter Soldier

the winter soldier

But, wait! Wasn’t The Winter Soldier one of last year’s Marvel movies?! Why yes, yes it was dear reader. You know what that means? Age of Ultron is just around the corner – in fact some of our UK friends, and the select few that braved the Nerdist Marvel movie marathon (we thought WE were crazy) have already seen it. But before our Marian gets to witness Ultron and all his glory, she’ll have to see what happened to TWO of our Avengers post-Battle of New York, and for everyone who has seen TWS, you know it’s a universe game changer.

Will Marian enjoy Cap’s second outing, especially with the weight of his first movie being her FAVORITE MARVEL MOVIE EVER, riding on its shoulders? Also, it was Patrick’s first time seeing this film also! Will the critically, and commercially, lauded entry into the MCU be anywhere near as good as the hype says it was? Listen to the episode to find out! (You can also listen to it on your favorite podcast app via iTunes).

Episode 8 – Thor: The Dark World

Thor The Dark WorldOn this week’s installment of Marian’s virgin journey through the Marvel Cinematic Universe we revisit one of the single-hero franchises that Marian actually kinda dug in Phase I – Thor. Now, this is considered in many circles to be one of the few misses in the MCU so far. A lot of it is due to the last min exit by NOW Wonder Woman director, Patty Jenkins. Of course, Marian does care about that. One other big caveat to this episode – we recorded this a few weeks ago, and things are said about the creative team of Avengers Infinity War that we now know to be true, the hiring of Captain America writers Markus and McFeely.

Will Marian’s second trip to Asgard be just as fun as her first? Find out by listening to the episode below, or (how many times do I have to say this, guys?!) on your favorite podcast player via iTunes by searching ‘Marvel-less Marian’. What did you think about this movie? Are you excited for Thor: Ragnarok? Will Marvel ever get a villain as good as Loki? How many questions will I ask you before I figure out how to end this synopsis? None. Enjoy the episode!

Bonus Episode – Furious 7

Furious 7

Sometimes it’s not just about being Marvel-less…

This week we have a special BONUS episode of Marvel-less Marian. Marvel’s isn’t the only cinematic universe that Marian isn’t familiar with so for this episode she’s trading the MCU for the FFU (F&FU?) as she watches her first movie in The Fast and the Furious franchise. Now why would we see this on a podcast mostly about superhero movies? Well, let’s just say that Nerdist’s Dan Casey put in best in this video from the Nerdist YouTube channel. The TLDR version? The mythos, stakes, and hijinks of the FF franchise has gone so over the top, that Toretto and his crew may as well be superheros. In the movie before this one they grounded Spruce Goose with CARS and went up against a tank. In the film before that, they used a safe they were dragging behind their racers as a weapon and of course the trailers for Furious 7 have been showcasing Vin driving from one building to another in Abu Dhabi.

Now, making Marian see F7 isn’t entirely just trolling. There are several valid reasons why she might like this one. It’s the most diverse cast for a major Hollywood franchise, the banter between the main crew is almost as funny as Joss’ best work, and The Rock. Did this overblown Corona commercial that exploits family charm her? Find out by listening below! You can also download the app on Stitcher, the iPhone podcast app, or whatever pod app you love the most via iTunes by searching ‘Marvel-less Marian’.

Ready? Set? Pod!

Episode 7 – Iron Man 3

Ladies and gentleman, welcome to Phase II. You know what this meIron Man 3 Posterans, right? There are less than 5 episodes until we ALL get to see Avengers: Age of Ultron!!! At this point, Marian has finally seen The Avengers and is now making her way through the more recent Marvel spectacles. If you have been keeping track, then you know that Phase II is going to start with Marian’s least favorite Marvel single-hero franchise: the Iron Man series.

For those of you who saw the movie, you’ll know that this particularly panned entry in the Iron Man franchise is the least likely to win her over to Team Stark, but as a fan of Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and as someone who doesn’t know (or care in the slightest) about who The Mandarin is, will Marian be more inclined to enjoy this tighter plotted, more traditional Iron Man sequel? Find out! Check out the episode below or find the podcast through iTunes via your podcasting app of choice under ‘Marvel-less Marian’ and download the episode from there and let us know what you think in the comments!


Episode 6 – The Avengers

The Avengers

This may very well be the most crucial episode of the podcast. The only reason why Marian would have ANY sort of stake in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is because Joss Whedon is in charge of two of the biggest movies in the studio’s multi-title franchise and this is his first entry. Marian is a BIG fan of Joss – from Buffy to Serenity with every Cabin in every Wood in between – The Avengers is basically one of the few major projects that she hasn’t seen by him. So, if she doesn’t like this one – all is lost.

Listen to the episode below to see if this was all for nothing. You can also download the episode on your favorite podcasting app via iTunes if you search for ‘Marvel-less Marian’. What do you guys think about the Avengers? Do you agree with our reviews in this episode? Feel free to hit us up in the comments!